Monday, February 17, 2014

Participants have now been notified!

After a lot of hair-pulling, I just sent out the first email to the 490 participants of the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party.  If you didn't get one, PLEASE check your spam.  Please pretty please, before you say you didn't get one, check.  Thanks.

(This is the list of participants -- partners will be given by Feb 28th unless I completely fall apart.)

Now that I've sent out the "Congratulations" email, I'm starting to pair people up.  Now is ALSO the time for you to start putting together a few different soups.  Why prepare your soup before hand?  Well, for one reason, the idea is NOT to send what your partner normally creates with.  If your partner creates with vintage, please don't send vintage components.  If your partner is an earth tones person, choose other colors.  And if you have several soups ready, you can mail IMMEDIATELY.

A special ceramic pendant made by Nan Emmett

As I've said before, you do not need to send a million beads.  If you want to send more than one soup, go for it.  If you want to send more beads than required, that's fine.  You just cannot get upset if you don't get the same back.  As long as you and your partner are following the simple three steps of quality focal, special clasp, and coordinating beads, you're good.  And if you get a LOT of beads, you do not need to use them all -- just the focal and the clasp and not even in the same piece.

In previous posts, I showed examples of beads soups from my book.  Here are some photos of various types, styles, and amounts of bead soup other participants have sent...

The majority of people receive beads they have either never used before or don't have access to, and that helps expand your design power.  When you get your Bead Soup from your partner, dig into your own stash and start seeing what ELSE you may have that works with it, and embrace the challenge.

Things to keep in mind:

:: You are not required to use the focal and clasp in the same piece
:: You are allowed to make as many pieces as you want -- one or ten
:: You get to keep the piece you make and wear it, sell it, or donate it.

If you plan on making your clasp, please do not use craft wire or a thin wire that will not hold up.  If you aren't in the habit of making your own clasps, this may not be a good time to stress yourself out.


Some people like to go wild with their packaging.  I have done both -- sent beads in my normal jewelry boxes and beads in hand knitted pouches.  DO NOT feel that you have to compete with anyone with packaging, ESPECIALLY if you are sending overseas.  Packing needs to be secure so the beads don't break, but consider the weight of your package when you put things together.

What do I mean by a focal?  Well, to most people, it translates as something meant to be used as a pendant.  The vast majority of pieces made for past Parties were necklaces.  However, you can send a large bead that is special and let your partner know THIS is the focal, and I was thinking it could work for a necklace OR a bracelet.

If you get a focal that is not screaming "PENDANT!" to you, try what I did with one of my jewelry creations:

I used the lampwork tube bead in a bracelet rather than make it a pendant for a necklace.

Yeah, I'm sorry, but there has to be one.  I'm not disparaging these materials, and have even used most of them, but for THIS blog hop, please do not send:

:: Plastic, plastic pearls, or metalized plastic ::

(exceptions -- quality vintage beads in new condition)

:: Seed beads NOT going to a seed beader/weaver ::

:: Anything you have considered throwing away ::

:: Second quality beads ::

and per the request of this large, worldwide group,
no religious, political, or similar beads.

Also, if you are sending overseas, be sure to ask if there are restrictions.  Many island nations are NOT allowed to have seeds or certain shells sent into their country and it will have to be destroyed.

(Have a question?  Just email me.)

Stay tuned for even more info.

EDITED:  The list of participants follows.  After I notify all partners, I'll hotlink the blogs.  Please give me time.

This list is in alphabetical order.  HOWEVER, on blog hop day, you will be listed in the order in which you signed up.  That way not all the end-of-alphabet names are at the end of the list.

First Name      Last Name           Blog Address

Adlinah           Kamsir       
Agata              Grygiel       
Agi                 Kiss           
Alenka            Obid          
Ali                   McCarthy   
Alicia              Marinache  
Alisa               Siceloff     
Alison             Sachs        

Allison            Fitzpatrick  
Amanda          Wacasey    
Amber             Dawn         
Amy                Severino    
Ana                 Krepel        
Ana                 Cravidao    
Andra              Marasteanu
Andra              Weber        
Andrea            Trank         
Andrea            Frank         

Andrea            Rivers        
Andrea            Glick          
Andria             Poole        
Anja                Schultz      
Ann                 Rishell                 Http://
Ann                 Sherwood  
Anne               Betenson   
Annica            Larsson     
Annita             Wilson       
April                Grinaway    

Arlene             Dean         
Asri                 Wahyuningsih
Audrey            Bélanger    
Autumn           Adams       
B.R.                Kuhlman    
Barb               Solem        
Barbara           Fernald      
Barbara           Mason       
Barbara           Bechtel      
Beccy             Peterson              Beccy's Baubles,

Beckie            Robison     
Becky             Pancake    
Beth                Petricoin    
Beth                Emery        
Beti                 Horvath      
Bev                 Breisinger  
Billi R.S.          Rothove     
Birgit               Klughardt   
Birgitta            Lejonklou   
Blanca            Medina      

Bobbie            Rafferty     
Bonnie            Coursolle   
Brendalee        Astells       
Bridget            Torres                  WWW.SHEARS58.NET
Candida          Castleberry
Carmen           Lau            
Carol               Wilson       
Carol               Dillman      
Caroline          Dewison    
Carolyn           Chenault    

Carolyn           Lawson      
Cassi              Paslick      
Cate                van Alphen 
Catharine         Temaluru    
Catherine         King          
Cathy              Buckley     
Catie               Doman      
Cece               Cormier      
Chandra          Merod                  Junipergoods,blogspot,com
Charlene          Jacka                  Http://

Cherrie            Warzocha             www.colorsofshae.blogger
Cheryl             Roe           
Cheryl             Foiles        
Cheryl             Brown        
Cheryl             Gangle       
Chris               Eisenberg  
Chris               McGilvery  
Chris               Haussler    
Christa            Murphy      
Christina          Hickman    

Christina          Miles         
Christine          Stonefield  
Christine          Murrow      
Christine          Hansen      
Cindy              Boissonneault
Cindy              Edwards    
Cindy              Pack                    Http://
Cindy              Ritchie       
CJ                  Bauschka   
Claire              Fabian       

Claire              Lockwood  
Clare               Etheridge   
Colleen           Vinthagen  
Corrie              Williams     
Cory               Tompkins   
Cris                 Peacock    
Crystal            Rector       
Cynthia           Abner        
Cynthia           Tucker       
Dagmar           Liebisch     

Dana               Hickey       
Dana               James                 danasjewelrydesign.blogspot. com
Danielle           Kelley        
Darlene           Fortier        
D'Arsie            Manzella    
Dawn              Williams     
Deanna           Cox           
Deb                McKinnis    
Deb                Fortin         
Debbie            Rasmussen

Debbie            Rogers      
Debi               Dufrene     
Deborah          Read         
Deborah          Apodaca    
Debra             Gibson                Debra'
Denise            Petersen    
Denise            McCabe     
Dhea               Powers      
Diah                Anggreni    
Dian                Hierschel    

Diana              Welte         
Diana              Shiraishi     
Dini                 Bruinsma   
Divya              N               
DiYana            Alcalde      
Dolores           Raml          
Donetta           Farrington  
Donna             Conklin      
Donna             Millard       
Doris              Stumpf      

Dorota            Żerańska    
Dyanne           Everett-Cantrell
Elaine             Robitaille             http:/
Eleanor           Burian-Mohr
Elisabeth         Auld          
Elizabeth         Woodford  
Elizabeth         Bunn          
Elizabeth         Hodges     
Elsbeth           Fuchs        
Elsie               Deliz-Fonseca

Emma             Todd         
Emmanuelle    Roué         
Enikö              Fabian       
Erin                 Prais-Hintz 
Erin                 Guest        
Erin                 Grant         
Esterina          Jagiella      
Eszter             Czibulyas             Http://
Eva                 Wills          
Eva                 Sherman    

Evelyn            Shelby       
Evelyn            Duberry     
Evie and Beth  McCord     
Fay                 Wolfenden 
Gail                 Vanderster-Zwang
Gayle              Dyck         
Gen                Smith         
Genea             Crivello-Knable
Ghislaine         Kruse - van Erp
Gina                Hockett      

Ginger             Bishop       
Ginger             Davis Allman
Giorgia            Rossini      
Gloria              Allen          
Hajer               Waheed     
Hannah           Trost          
Hannah           Annear       
Heather           Richter       
Heather           Marston     

Heather           Otto           
Heather           d'Entremont
Heather           Davis         
Heidi               Kingman    
Helen              Simon        
Ilenia               Ruzza        
Inge                von Roos   
Iveth               Caruso       
Jackie             Locantore  
Jackie             Ryan          

Jacqueline       Keller         
Jacqueline       Marchant    
Jael                Thorp         
Jami               Shipp        
Jana               Haverty      
Janeen            Sorensen   
Janet              Borzecki    
Janet              Loomis      
Janice             Warden Bergeron
Janine             Lucas        

Jasvanti          Patel          
Jayne              Capps       
Jean               Wells         
Jean               Yates         
Jeanne            Steck         
Jeannine         Vetsch-Bokstaller
Jelveh             Jaferian Johnson
Jen                 Purple        
Jennifer           VanBenschoten
Jennifer           Pride         

Jennifer           Cabic         
Jennifer           LaVite        
Jennifer           Van Horn   
Jenny              Kyrlach      
Jenny              Vidberg     
JJ                   Jacobs      
Joan               Williams     
Jo-Ann            Woolverton
Jodie              Marshall     

Johana            Nunez        
Johanna          Nash                    http://
Joy                 Grigsby     
Judith             Johnston   
Judy               Robinson   
Judy               Riggs        
Julianna          Cannon      
Julie                Bowen       
June               Butt           
Kandice          Seeber       

Karen              Martinez     
Karen              Mitchell      
Karen              Jones        
Kari                 Asbury       
Karin               Grosset Grange
Karin               King          
Karla               Morgan      
Kashmira         Patel          
Kat                 BarronMiller
Kate                Dufour       

Kathleen          Breeding    
Kathrin            Lembke     
Kathy              Lindemer    
Kathy              Stemke      
Katie               Nielsen-Nunez
Katja               Benevol Gabrijelcic
Katrin              Fenzke       
Katrina            Taylor        
Katy                Heider        
Kay                 Thomerson 

Kay                 Mallery       
Kayla              Potega      
Kelley             Fogle         
Kelly               Schermerhorn
Kelly               Hosford Patterson
Kelly               Morgan      
Keren              Panthaki    
Keri Lee          Sereika      
Kim                 Hutchinson 
Kim                 Paige         

Kim                 Williams     
Kimberly         Idalski        
Kitty                Durmaj       
Kitty                Bozzini       
Klaudete         Koon         
Klaudia           Toth           
Krafty             Max           
Kris                 Binsfeld     
Kristi               Brokaw      
Kristi               Harrison     

Kristin             Oppold      
Kristina           Hahn Eleniak
Kumi               Fisher        
Kym                Hunter        
Laney              Mead         
Laura              Guenther    
Laura              Blanck       
Lauren             Potts         
Laurie              Keefe-Cecere
Laurie              Ament        

Laurie              Vyselaar    
Laurie              Wirth          
Lea                 Avroch       
Leah               Curtis         
Leanne            Loftus        
Lecia               Woessner  
Lee                 Koopman   
Lesley             Watt          
Lesley             Lane          
Leslie              Wayment   

Leslie              Schenkel    
Lilik                 Kristiani     
Linda              Newnham   
Linda              Anderson   
Linda              Sadler        
Lisa                Knappenberger
Lisa                Suver         
Lisa                Johnson    
Lisa                Liddy         
Lisa                Cone         

Liz                  Engriser     
Lizzie              Clarke        
Lora                Bright        
Loretta            Carstensen 
Lori                 Callahan               Www.Dancingwireandbeads/
Lori                 Poppe       
Lori                 Finney       
Lori                 Bowring Michaud
Lori                 Bergmann  
Lori                 Schneider  

Lori                 Blanchard  
Louise             Glazier       
Lynn               Jobber       
Maddison        Langford    
Madonna Liza  Cruz-Comia
Magdalena      Sikora        
Maire              Dodd         
Mallory            Hoffman    
Mandi             Ainsworth   
Mandi             Effron        

Marcia             Dunne        
Marcy             Lamberson 
Marde             Lowe         
Margareta        Saari          
Marge             Beebe        
Maria              Rios          
Maria Rosa      Sharrow     
Marianna         Boylan       
Marianne         Hurley        
Marianne         Baxter        

Marie              Covert       
Marina             Kosović     
Marina             Passarella  
Marjolein         Trewavas   
Marsela           Schroth      
Marta              Grabalowska
Martha            Aleo          
Marti               Conrad      
Mary               Hicks         
Mary               Govaars     

Mary Ellen       Merrigan    
Mary Ellen       Parker        
Mary K            McGraw     
Marybeth         Rich           
Maryse            Fritzsch-Thillens
Maybeline       Tay            
Mea-B.            Uebler        
Megan            Tillery         
Melissa           Elgin          
Melissa           Muir                     Http://

Melissa           Packer       
Melissa           Trudinger   
Menka             Gupta        
Merja              Sundström 
Michaela         Pabeschitz 
Michelle          Escano      
Michelle          Tucker       
Michelle          McCarthy   
Michelle          Wigginton  
Mimi               Gardner     

Miranda           Ackerley    
Mischelle         Andrade Fanucchi
Mitzie              Crider        
Molly              Alexander  
Monique          Urquhart     
Moriah            Betterly      
Nan                 Emmett      
Nancy             Burke         
Nancy             Dale          
Nancy             Smith         

Nancy             Olliver        
Natalie            Moten        
Natalie            Davidson   
Natascha         Marty         
Nicole             Demore     
Nicole             Valentine Rimmer
Nicole             Rennell      
Niki                 Meiners      
Niky                Sayers       
Noemi             Baena Roman

Pam                Hurst         
Pam                Traub         
Pam                DeBoer      
Pat                 Haight        
Patricia           Litewski     
Patricia           Buchanan   
Patricia           Robitaille   
Patty               Miller         
Patty               Gasparino  
Patty               Woodland  

Patty               Johnson    
Peggy             Johnson    
Penny             Houghton   
Penny             Neville       
Rachel            Stewart      
Rachel            Stanley      
Rachel            Baron        
Rain                Hannah      
RaMona          Woolson    
Rana               Wilson       

Rebecca         Sirevaag    
Rebecca         Anderson   
Rebecca         Ednie                   Http://
Rebekah         Payne        
Regina            Santerre     
Renetha          Stanziano   
Rhonda           Hagerman  
Roberta           Fauntroy    
Robin              Reed         
Robin Lynne    Showstack 

Rochelle          Brisson      
Rosantia         Petkova     
Rose               Rushbrooke
Rose               Johnson    
Rossana         De Gaspari
Roxanne         Blanc         
Ruth                Szapa        
Sabine            Dittrich       
Sally               Russick     

Sam                Waghorn    
Sam                Siegel        
Sandi              James       
Sandi              Volpe        
Sandra            Wollberg    ‎
Sandra            McGriff      
Sandra            Pendragon 
Sandy             Richardson
Sarah              Goode       
Sarah              Singer        

Sarah              Strover      
Saskia            Letta          
Shai                Williams     
Shalini             Austin        
Shannon         German      
Shari               Replogle    
Sharon            Driscoll      
Sharon            Palac         
Sharyl             King          
Shawn             Price          

Sheila             Prosterman
Sheila             Davis         
Sheila             Daniels      
Sherri              Stokey       
Sherri              Levinton     
Shiraz             Biggie        
Shirley            Moore                  www/
Sierra              Barrett       
Silke               Groeber     
Silvia              Sernicola   

Siobhán          Keogh       
Skylar             Bre'z          
Solange          Collin         
Sonya             Stille          
Staci               Smith         
Stacy              Alderson    
Stefanie          Teufel        
Stephanie        Perry         
Stephanie        Haussler    

Stephanie        Price          
Stephanie        Weiss        
Stephanie        LaRosa      
Sue                 Harmon-King
Sue                 Rennie       
Susan             Kennedy    
Susan             McClelland 
Susan             Walls         
Susan             Kelly          
Susan             Bowie        

Susan Robson                           Tobin
Susanna          Lehto         
Susanne          Stelljes      
Suz                 Hamel        
Suzann            Sladcik Wilson
Sylvia             Lupberger  
Tamera            Norris        
Tammie           Everly        
Tammy            Adams       
Tandra            Boyer        

Tania               Hagen        
Tania               Spivey       
Tari                 Kahrs         
Terri                Gauthier     
Terry Jeanette  Carter        
Theresa           Buchle       
Tina                Holden       
Tina                Noonan      
Tina                Bosh         

Toltec             Jewels       
Tracey             Leeder       
Tracy              Stillman     
Tracy              Martin        
Valerie            Cook         
Valerie            Kravette     
Valerie            Norton       
Valerie            Tilghman    
Veralynne        Malone      
Veronica         Campos-Hallstrom

Vonna             Maslanka   
Wendy            Chamberlain

Please stay tuned to this page, as more information, tips, and hints will follow!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack. Visit her shops by clicking on the right side bar of this blog (please and thank you!). She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party® and author of the book "Bead Soup" via Kalmbach Publishing.


  1. I.m excited. Thank you for the suggestions of what to put in our soups.

  2. Oooo ready to roll! You are the best Lori! and your hubbs as well! My goal is to hop at least half this year!

  3. You two are the best and have an overwhelming task ahead of you. Good luck on the pairing and may everyone have a wonderful time with their soup and the party. I am ready to create!

  4. Great and informative post Lori! This is my 3rd BSBP and I'm just as excited (and a wee bit nervous if we're being honest) as the last two ^.^

    I've already got my soup cooked up and ready for my partner! Although depending on what they work with I might have to come up with an alternative soup just in case.

  5. I know this is a lot of work for you to put this together , but I know a lot of love goes with it. I am so happy to be part of it, just hope I can create some things just as wonderful as y'all are. I am so excited! Hope everyone has fun creating and won't it be awesome to see every ones creation!

  6. I can't believe how excited I am! Thank you for all your hard work.

  7. Thank you so much for all your work. Wow. 490 participants. This is my first time and I'm very excited!!

  8. Thanks so much for your efforts. I was just wondering if a vintage button could be used for clasps as this is what I use in my seed bead designs.

  9. Name is on the list...haven't gotten the email yet...but am ready to rock and roll....been working and adding to my soup all it and kudos to you and your hubby! You guys are the best!

  10. If you are looking for doubles there are 2 Kim Williams listed that might be a duplicate.....

  11. I'm so happy to take part in the fun also this year :)

  12. OMG.. What an extensive list!!! Can't wait!!

  13. Have a couple of different ideas for the soup depending on the receiver - have lots of lampwork beads but scared to send them as they might break

  14. I'm so excited to be participating once again and am getting my soup ingredients pulled together right now! Am eagerly awaiting news of who my partner is and what ingredients I'll be sent to work with!

  15. My name is on the list, but no partner emails as of yet. I did look in my Spam folder and it is not there. I get other emails, so I am not sure why it has not arrived.
    Thanks for your OVER THE TOP efforts for us all. I am excited to be a part again.

  16. I have not received a partner email. I looked in my spam folder and it is not there either. I thought I'd wait a few days to see if my partner would contact me, but nothing so far. I am on the list above - Tina Bosh. Sorry to cause you more work. I am very excited to be a part of this again......


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