Monday, January 28, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party® -- rev your engines!

Hello everyone!  Thank you so much for the amazing response to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party®.  Over 500 people signed up for the three reveal dates.  That's a record!

This week I will be pairing people up and you will get an individual email from me with your partner's name and information.  That email should come over the weekend.  Between now and then, I will be visiting all of your blogs, checking all the information, and preparing for this massive event.

In the meantime, please look to the side bar on the right and enter your email to follow this blog by email.  That way, you should always be alerted if there is something going on with the party.  I also try to send mass emails, but with this many people, I'm trying to make sure you have a place to get the info and not end up in your spam folder.

You can get a blog button and link it to by clicking here.

For now, please start making up your soup
with these rules in mind.....

 :: One focal ::
 ::  One special clasp (not a lobster claw) ::
::  Some coordinating beads (no need to send a million) ::

No religious items -- crosses, Buddhas, goddesses, etc.
No political items.
No naked bits of bodies (yup, it's happened.)
No cabochons unless you're sending to a seed beader.

Please do not show what you are planning to send 
until after your partner has received it.

You can also join the 
to join in the chat and the excitement
and get tips and tricks from veteran Soupers.

Thank you and stay tuned!


  1. I feel a little silly asking, but I honestly don't know -- I probably should -- but what's a "naked bit" ? LOL ... Literally, a naked something something ? LOL... I try to be cool, but I am naïve!

  2. Got the button on my new blog. . .I'm getting REALLY EXCITED! You GO GIRL!

  3. Thank you Lori, for this opportunity. Wow! 500 participants! You are amazing!!!

  4. I'm really excited to do this again. I have jewelry on it's way to the Tuscon gem show, because of an opportunity that came out of the last bead soup. Started working on my new bead soup focal weeks ago. Thanks for all your hard work. xoxoxo

  5. WOW, over 500 is AMAZING, thank you so much for doing all of the organizing Lori. I'm stumped on what to send, I keep changing my mind on the focal I want to send out.

    I am looking forward to receiving my soup and seeing my reveal date.

  6. Hey Lori, is there a bigger photo of the blog button? It's showing up really small on my blog and I wasn't sure if it was the image size or my blog parameters?

  7. 500!!! Thats going to be a feast!!!

  8. Thank you all the work that you put into this!

  9. Hope you have a big plate of "partner pie" ready for your match up marathon.

  10. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks, Lori!

  11. Can't wait to find out my partner =)

  12. um ... I forgot how you add the button to your blog (again - this happens every time ... I must write it down lol)

  13. my soup is ready, I can't wait!!!!! ~KM

  14. Im having so much fun preparing my soup cant wait to find out who will get it!!

  15. Thank you for all your hard work Lori you can tell your heart is in it. Massive numbers WOW 500

  16. Lol naked bits!!! That's too funny. I'm very excited and looking forward to meeting my partner


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