Wednesday, April 30, 2014

postponing reveal by one week

As I sit in the hospital waiting for more tests, I have to admit thorough disgust and disappointment in having to postpone reveal date by one week, to Saturday, May 10th.  I have tried with herculean effort to fight through some things that I am quite sure you're tired of hearing about but I swear there is nothing I can do other than postpone a week and beg understanding.

If you told me you were unable to make the original date but now can, let me know.  If you are going to be out of town, I hope you will be able to schedule your blog to auto post (there are directions further in this blog, or post on for help.

Once I'm done here at the hospital I'll send a mass email, too.

Trust me, you couldn't be more disgusted with me than I already am.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dont Be Afraid of the Do-Over

Having a tough time with your Bead Soup design?

Don't be afraid to start over, either now or after the party.  Click here to see my own do-over.  You'll also see the dilemma I faced when the beads were so amazing they could have stood alone on their own merit without me touching them.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Some helpful hints to get you ready for Bead Soup Blog Hop day

**  I will have a list of participants, with links, very soon.  You don't have to post the entire list on your site, but can have it link back to mine.  The permalink is

Of course, this will not be active until the day of the hop, but some people don't like to have almost 500 links on their page!  Also, at the last minute there are invariably people who have to bow out and my list will be the most up to date.

** PLEASE consider taking your blog Captcha comments OFF, at least for a few days of the party.  You will get SO many more comments that way.  Especially for people hopping via phone and tablet, it's a HUGE help. 

Thank you to Laura Bracken for showing us how right here:

** Are you like me and are just getting started making your pieces?  Never fear, you're in good company!  Hopefully these ideas might help get your creative juices flowing.

** Are you having a hard time incorporating your clasp into your design?  Consider using it as a pendant bail.

Ceramic beads by Earthernwood Studio, clasp and chain by Miss Fickle Media

**  Create a pendant bail for a large bead with micro-macrame.

Bead by Lori Greenberg for Beads of Courage

** Try layering a focal with metal or other materials for a new look.

** When you write about your piece, feel free to talk about your process, any lessons learned, and any challenges you encountered.  However, be careful how you write this. Please never use words like "ugly" or anything disparaging.  That will only cause bad feelings.

Here I described the beginning steps of what ended up being a totally blinged-out necklace.  

**  And finally, a word about Soup Envy.  I seriously doubt there's a one among us who hasn't seen someone else's soup and gone, "OH MAN I wish I had that!", even if your soup is the bee's knees.  That's OK!  But try to focus on your artistic ability to work with ANYTHING.  You are all great designers, whether you've been doing this for a month or ten years.  I know you can do it, and if you need help, please message me.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm still more off the computer than on but will do my level best to be available.  Also feel free to post questions at -- lots of Bead Soup veterans there!

Have fun!  One more weekend and then we're there!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry and bead kits as well as collaborative mixed media art with her son, Zack. Visit her shops by clicking on the right side bar of this blog (please and thank you!). She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party® and author of the book "Bead Soup" via Kalmbach Publishing.