Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dont Be Afraid of the Do-Over

Having a tough time with your Bead Soup design?

Don't be afraid to start over, either now or after the party.  Click here to see my own do-over.  You'll also see the dilemma I faced when the beads were so amazing they could have stood alone on their own merit without me touching them.



  1. Finally on the fifth do over I was satisfied with my design. Can't wait to share on May third!

  2. Last year, I got such a beautiful selection I wanted to use everything... and pretty much did, but when I started one necklace, I decided it wasn't right. It just didn't look good, so I took it all apart and started over again, and I was glad I did. The way I was using the beads was totally wrong. It didn't do them justice. I was just thinking that I would use the clasp to make it look ok, but I ended up using that very clasp as part of the focal. I loved the end product.
    I can't wait to see everyone's design work this year!!!
    Thank you again Lori for getting us all together. I know the task was daunting but... This is the most amazing blog hop ever!!

  3. Yes do overs are great, but for the newbies, they need to know that you don't have to do multiple pieces. One is enough. As you "mature" making more pieces will come easy. But if this is your first time, one is fine! I have one piece that I ran out of beads and don't remember where I got them, but I will show it anyway. So good luck to all. I know we will have a fine showing! And thanks sooooooo much to Lori who keeps us going!

  4. Its funny you mention that - I took mine apart 3 times - each time led me to what I thought was a better process to the final piece. Sometimes its hard to incorporate all the beads given in one piece and sometimes I think when people send they actually have multiple pieces in mind - I know I did when I sent my soup
    Lesss than a week to go - I got mine finished on sunday and already have my blog prepped to go as soon as May 3 rolls around - so now I can plan to blog hop right away -


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