Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sending out beads

I realize that not only did I make the due date to send out beads a Sunday, when the mail doesn't run, but the 10th is in just a few days. I apologize for missing my own deadlines... one of the reasons why I encouraged people to make their soup up in advance once I knew the flu was going to delay me. Send as soon as you can is all I ask, and keep your partner informed.
If you are having trouble contacting your partner, your mail may be going into their spam.  I have sent emails to everyone in the 1st and 2nd reveal, so if you didn't get it, it went into spam or floated off -- but the lists are below, and you can @their name in the Bead Soup Cafe or find them on Facebook, too -- if that fails, email me, but please do try and contact them if you see them on the Facebook group.  

To find them in the group if you are not already friended, go to the top, right below the banner and below the Notifications button.  Click the "1,485 members" (or how ever many are there) and you can search.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hi. I didn't get an email with my partners name and address?? Were they sent out?
    Kathy Stemke
    dancekam1 at yahoo dot com

  2. Hey Lori: take a deep breath, and Relax!

    This is supposed to be fun! ;)

    Every single person who signed up to this knows how busy you are, and how hard you work for this.

    And NO-ONE would want you to work with flu - go to bed.

    Relax and chill out - it's going fine. The soups are a-brewing, people are excited, you don't need to worry :)


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