Monday, March 25, 2013

Coming up...

**  Expect the list of the first reveal partners in a day or two, with links.  You don't have to post the entire link on your site, but can have it link back to mine (I'll have a permalink for you soon).

** PLEASE consider taking your blog Captcha comments OFF, at least for a few days of the party.  You will get SO many more comments that way.  Especially for people hopping via phone and tablet, it's a HUGE help.

Thank you to Laura Bracken for showing us how right here:

** My husband and I are planning on spending a few hours tonight on pinning the map, like we usually do -- stay tuned.

**  I'm adding Pinterest invites as quickly as I can.  I am doing most of my work from bed these days, so if you are in the Bead Soup Cafe, (and I hope you are!) please @Lisa Liddy or @Tania Spivey if you need your pin to be added and I'm not getting it as fast as normal.  Don't worry -- you can pin for the contest all the way up to April 19th!

**  These last few days between the reveal are always hectic, so please bear with me! 


  1. Oh, looking so forward to party:-)

  2. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing I hope you start to feel better soon!

  3. I took mine off - following the directions (hope it worked).

  4. I hope your feeling better soon, Lori!

  5. Everyone seem can't wait for the 1st reveal =)
    I just realise that the 1st is on Mar 30th *ohhh*
    Thanks God I'm on the 3rd...


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