Saturday, February 22, 2014

Partners to be announced Feb 28th

Hi guys -- I know you're anxious and excited, but I really am still here, just trying to manage a lot of things behind the scenes.

First, for those of you who said you did not get the "Welcome, You're In!" email, please check both your spam and deleted folders.  I use MailChimp to send all the emails at once, and some mail protocols either don't like mass mailers, or your security settings for your email is set such that it kills it.  If you follow this page, you should be just fine.  I'll post what I sent in email here as well.

I have no idea if this will work, but if you aren't getting emails, please try to add yourself to my list (even though you're already on it) by clicking here.  I tested it with an alternate ID but it still may or may not work -- some have been able to add themselves, so please do try that method.  But if you keep your eye out here, you should be fine.

About partners -- I have to individually email every single one of you.  I don't like putting everyone's email up for spammers to grab and have a hay day with.  It takes a LOT of time to email the "here's your partner" email.  Some of you may receive your partner BEFORE the 28th, so please keep a look out, and I will post partners and blog links here after I email you, too.

While I'm getting you all paired, please get your soups ready.  I know some of you like to wait and see who you get before (because you just may have made a soup that they already kind of use!) but the extended waiting period between sign up and partner list means there should be NO LATE MAILINGS.  Sorry to yell in all caps, but it is so important you get yourself as ready as you can. I absolutely know life can get in the way, so please start preparing now.

I'm now going to post the email I sent out last week that some of you say didn't arrive in your inbox.

Bead Soup Blog Party info!  



You are now part of the
8th Bead Soup Blog Party!

First, please be sure to check on a regular basis as I'll also be posting things there.

Second, I will be emailing you and your partner together to give you each your email addresses and blog addresses.  I would really like for you guys to try and chat a bit, get to know each other!

Third, PLEASE do not send a soup that is exactly what your partner already works with.  If your partner works in vintage, please don't send vintage.

That being said, don't go out of of your way to send something that is so crazy/wild/dare I say (eek) ugly that they're stunned into quitting.  (Don't laugh too hard, it's happened!)

Please take special care in preparing your Soup!

This blog hop has been written about in at least two magazines and has a stand alone book.  Consider the soup you send as not just a gift,but something you would be proud to send to a magazine editor.  I will be writing an in-depth blog post today or tomorrow that is a Must Read.

If you have an international partner, it's imperative that the two of you discuss EXACTLY how to fill out the customs form.  ALL packages are gifts.

I'll be writing up a blog post about preparing your soups -- please take the time to read it over, as there are some new rules and suggestions that will be helpful.

Please take the time to mark your calendars!

Much love and have fun,


  1. I like to check out my partners page and blog to see what they usually works in as well as check out favorites and what not, so I can tailor their soup to them. That said, I sign up for international which means I need to be ready to mail quickly for it to arrive in plenty of time. So I have THREE soups sitting here, each in different colour palettes and materials, waiting for me to see which one is the best fit for my partner :) the hardest part now, is not playing with these soups myself since I really like all of them and keep getting ideas for them >.< LOL

  2. Skye, you DON'T want to send them something tailored for them. You don't want to send them something that they would normally work with. I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

  3. I'm definitely eagerly awaiting my BSBP partner but completely understand how life can get in the way so you just take your sweet time! Nobody is in a hurry :) I've already got one soup prepared and am hoping it will be the soup to send out to my partner. I know it's a good one because when I showed it to my mom she said, "Are you SURE you want to send that one out? It's so pretty....I want it." LOL

  4. I am working on finding the coolest focal and clasp I can get and I am finding so many wonderful designs!!! Have a Blessed day!!!

  5. WOO HOO thank you Lori for posting this... EVERY bit of it has made my day!

  6. Your book arrived in the mail today and I'm even in more awe of you...but how could that excited to be part of this for the first time! What a wonderful world you created for beaders!

  7. Lori that is a monumental task! Wouldn't it be easier to pair people up in a Facebook group or event document and have people check there for their names. I think everyone that signed on did so through Facebook anyways?

  8. Tina, I don't know how to preserve people's privacy. I have to list emails so partners can get in touch, and putting out a 500 name list is a spammers delight.

  9. I am sure I saw a button somewhere for the BSBP 2014, now I can't find it. Doh! Please can you direct me to the blog button so that I can wear it on my blog with pride! Thanks x

  10. Your efficiency and organizational skills floor me (especially in view of your personal life).
    Mucho respect and admiration,


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