Monday, March 17, 2014

Bead Soup Update

Hi guys.  Quick post while I can.  I haven't been able to do email so if there is an issue, please private message me on Facebook.

I'm encouraged to see the Soup seems most people are quite happy and challenged in the right way.  If you get a soup that has you scratching your head for whatever reason, please send me a picture and I'll help.  Another set of eyes can sometimes help.

I know you're probably as sick of hearing "I'm sick" as I am of telling you, but I'm having an extra-difficult time right now and have been told to just lay low so I don't make things worse.  I'm horribly disappointed that I have to cancel my big spring show...$600 booth fee down the drain and thousands in revenue, but.....there's a reason behind everything, I guess, right?  But it's fair to say that with the weather, reduced pain meds, and new antibiotics and supplements recently, I'm a bit worse than I've been in a while.  Yet this is a good thing!  It means Lyme toxins are being attacked, which is what we want.  It just hurts.


Some of you have already received Pinterest invites to the 8th BSBP pin board.  I am at  You can post photos of your soups, but no pictures of finished pieces until reveal day, please.  I'll continue to add people, hopefully this week.

When I'm able, I do read over the Cafe, and do not feel afraid to message me, Lisa Liddy, or my husband Rick (Richard on Facebook) if I don't answer quickly enough.

I'm so proud of this group.....things are brewing, people are helping each other, and excitement is palpable.

One last thing....I'll update the partner list soon as there have been some changes, and then will add the official blog list (your name and blog link, no partner) and that will be the list you can link people to on reveal day.  More on that later; just a heads up.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.  Love to all, and a little funny bit so you know my sense of humor is still with me.  ;-)


  1. You sound better...prayers your way!

  2. Love the T shirt!!! I am really really glad you are working towards being better!! There is a real excitement in the air about the soups and what I have seen [and received] has been wonderful. Always remember you are loved and prayed for everyday!!! Have a Blessed day!!!

  3. Far from better, but as Monty Python and the Holy Grail says, "I'm not dead yet!" :-)

  4. I don't know anything about the shows Lori, but I was wondering if you could sublet the booth? Maybe recoup some of the fees?

  5. Thank you for all the hard work putting this Soup together. This is my first and looking forward to many others. I hope you feel better soon. Could you add my name to the 8th BSBP pinning board invite list... God Bless!!!

  6. we had THAT T shirt, Lori, which you just mentioned! --from Monty Python. Love your T shirt here as well, and love your great and encouraging attitude! you are wonderful! xox jean

  7. Thanks so much, Lori, and I pray for you every time you come to mind, which is often. ♥

  8. I WANT that shirt!! Hope you feel better soon!


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