Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pinterest boards for the Bead Soup Blog Party AND for the Bead Soup Cafe

Just sent this email out to all the BSBP8 participants, but it also applies to anyone who belongs to the Bead Soup Cafe,, a Facebook group.  Currently, the Facebook group is set to Private, which means you click and it sends me a note that you want in.  I then check to make sure the person doesn't look like a spammer (we've been hit with a few who were promptly banned).  It takes me a day or so sometimes, but you can also message me at my personal page telling me about yourself so I know.

Here's the content of the email I sent:

Ghislaine Kruse van Erp gave me the splendid idea to create a button the pinterest board, and she ALSO graciously made it and pinned it. If you want to join the 8BSBP boad AND/OR the entire group's board (I'll put a button there soon), just click the large pink "ADD ME" button on the board, and when I see it/an coherent, I'll add you, delete your name, and all should be well.

and comment on the ADD ME pin and I'll get to it as soon as I can. You can do likewise for the general group board


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  1. You invited me and I accepted!! WHOOO HOOOO, the party is in full 'swing'!! ~KM


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